updated November 20, 2022

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You are welcome to leave any of the following, most of which is not allowed in Somerville's curbside recycling, on my Davis Square porch for me to ship to Terracycle for recycling and, in doing so, get a little money for Somerville Arts for Youth, Inc.



·         If we ship a box of Vtech and/or LeapFrog electronic learning devices and toys to Terracycle by the middle of January, we will get an extra 500 Recycling Rewards points.

·         In the past six months, we have earned 8,000 Recycling Rewards points – which I recently redeemed for $80 that SAY! should receive in January.


I am registered for programs which take ALL BRANDS of the following items:

I am also registered for programs which only accept THEIR OWN BRANDS: