updated May 30, 2023

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You are welcome to leave any of the following, most of which is not allowed in Somerville's curbside recycling, on my Davis Square porch for me to ship to Terracycle for recycling and, in doing so, get a little money for Somerville Arts for Youth, Inc.



·         EXTRA REWARD POINTS: From May to July, shipments of Dunkin' Donuts coffee bags will earn double the points that they usually do!

·         NEW: a program that accepts Brita dispensers, pitchers, bottles, filters, and filter packaging


o   program that accepted all brands of haircare and skincare packaging

o   program that accepted all brands of cookware, bakeware, and cutlery

o   program that accepted all brands of empty/dried out pens, markers, mechanical pencils, glue sticks, watercolor sets, and packaging from writing instruments

o   program that accepted Barilla packaging

o   program that accepted Halls packaging

o   program that accepted L.O.L. Surprise! packaging

·         MONEY FOR SOMERVILLE ARTS FOR YOUTH: When shipments are made to most of these programs (currently all except the one that takes food storage containers), we get “Recycling Rewards” that can be redeemed twice a year for a non-profit organization. So far, we have redeemed 33,000 of our points to get $330 for Somerville Arts for Youth.

·         PRIZES: Although I have never had any Gerber stuff to ship, being registered as a public drop-off spot for that collection entered in a raffle for $50 worth of Gerber food – which I won! The items were given to the Somerville Homeless Coalition.


Please always check this list before dropping things off on my porch, as Terracycle occasionally discontinues or changes collections.

No Wish-Cycling: Please only leave things on my porch if they are listed below, not just because they can’t go into curbside recycling and/or are similar (eg black plant pots are not the same as black takeout containers) to things I collect!

Please remember to reduce (Grainmaker has reusable containers for take-out, and some deodorants are now available in plastic-free containers), reuse (some of those black take-out containers are being used for food storage in our community fridges.), and curbside recycle (the Reyclopedia and the FAQ at https://recyclesmartma.org/ are great resources) before dropping off for Terracycle!

I am registered for programs which take ALL BRANDS of the following items:

·         phone cases

·         glass and rigid plastic food storage containers but please only *black* (because it can't go in curbside recycling) plastic takeout containers [this is currently the only collection that usually does *not* earn us points]

·         deodorant containers & caps

·         toothpaste tubes & caps

·         floss containers

·         toothbrushes

·         toothbrush outer packaging

·         mouthwash bottles & caps

·         hair tools and appliances (including hair dryers, curling irons, and styling irons)

·         used, clean socks (not tights or pantyhose), please only include those that are not in good enough condition to be donated

 I am also registered for programs which only accept THEIR OWN BRANDS:

·         amika hair care packaging

·         ARM & HAMMER plastic pouches and toothpaste tubes

·         Aussie packaging, including Aussie shampoo and conditioner bottles, flexible plastic packaging such as color packets, flexible plastic tubes, and complex closures [Most Aussie containers can go in curbside recycling, but the pumps cannot. Feel free to leave all Aussie packaging on my porch so I know what the pumps came from, and I will then put the bottles out with my curbside recycling and send the pumps to Teracycle.]

·         BLACK + DECKER home appliances and tools

·         Bostitch tools

·         Brita dispensers, pitchers, bottles, filters, and filter packaging

·         Burt’s Bees personal care, beauty care, and lip care packaging

·         Cortizone-10 product packaging including tubes, dark plastic bottles, tubs, sticks, pumps and caps

·         CRAFTSMAN tools

·         DEWALT tools

·         Diva silicone menstrual cups and wipes packaging

·         Dunkin’ flexible ground and whole bean coffee bags

·         eos (not EO Essentials) lip, lotion, and shave packaging

·         Garnier skincare and haircare product containers

·         Gerber baby food packaging and small and large hook Gerber baby clothing hangers.

·         Gold Bond aerosol spray cans and product packaging including tubes, dark plastic bottles, tubs, sticks, pumps and caps

·         Good Chemistry perfume packaging

·         IRWIN tools

·         LeapFrog electronic learning devices and electronic toys

·         LENOX tools

·         LILYSILK non-donatable textiles

·         Lundberg Family Farms flexible packaging

·         MAC Tools

·         Off The Eaten Path commercially-compostable snack bags

·         OxiClean plastic pouches

·         Paula’s Choice Skincare packaging

·         PopSockets products and packaging

·         PORTER-CABLE tools

·         Schwarzkopf empty aerosol containers, hair care and hair color jars, lids, bottles, closures, tubes, pumps, and caps made from plastics and flexible or rigid aluminum

·         Selsun Blue packaging including tubes, dark plastic bottles, tubs, sticks, pumps and caps

·         ShiKai empty packaging

·         STANLEY tools

·         Supergoop! Packaging (Bottles can typically go in curbside recycling; just let me know if you are dropping off pumps that are Supergoop! brand. The following products are currently not eligible to be recycled: PLAY Body Mousse SPF 50, PLAY Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 30/50, PLAY 100% Mineral Body Mist SPF 30/50.)

·         Swiffer used wet or dry refills (please make sure they are dry before you drop them off at my house)

·         VTech electronic learning devices and electronic toys

·         WELEDA personal care packaging