updated February 1, 2023

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You are welcome to leave any of the following, most of which is not allowed in Somerville's curbside recycling, on my Davis Square porch for me to ship to Terracycle for recycling and, in doing so, get a little money for Somerville Arts for Youth, Inc.



·         Money for SAY!: When shipments are made to most of these programs (currently all but the one that takes food storage containers), we get “Recycling Rewards” that can be redeemed twice a year for a non-profit organization. So far, 20,000 points of our points have been redeemed for $200 for Somerville Arts for Youth. We currently have more than 7,000 points to redeem in April for a June payment.

·         Extra Recycling Rewards: We will get 500 extra rewards if we make a Gerber shipment, 200 if we make an Off The Eaten Path shipment, and 200 if we make an Arm & Hammer/OxiClean shipment by mid-February.

·         Although I have never had any Gerber stuff to ship, being registered as a public drop-off spot for that collection got me entered into a raffle for $50 worth of Gerber food – which I won! The items were given to the Somerville Homeless Coalition.


I am registered for programs which take ALL BRANDS of the following items:

I am also registered for programs which only accept THEIR OWN BRANDS: